Sunday, June 25, 2006


Oh, and I'll be blogging regularly again!

I'm sure my regular readers have long ago drifted away, so I'll work hard to bring you back. After a long hiatus doing several other things, I'm back Getting The Message Out!

Since the end of February, I volunteered as the PAC treasurer for a local ballot initiative in my home town. I always learn more from campaigns that don't go well than from those that do, so after a devastating defeat I'll be posting about the many things I learned. Lots of folks don't like initiative and referendum, but I still believe its sometimes the best way to bring significant policy reform (sometimes its the only way). Unfortunately it may also be the most expensive and difficult, and the online portion of the campaign is just a small part of it. Look for posts soon on the endorsement process, and on the relationship between the online campaign, direct mail and TV. Again, keep in mind, we didn't win. So take these posts for what they are worth!

Glad to be blogging again.

Welcome back. :-)
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